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So juicy, so sweet, so Wanda Mallon! Wanda Mallon is one of the sweetest fruits to ever squeeze. Her watermelon delight is the one of the sweetest juices any fruit could expect to produce. Her sweetness gains her entrance to many Juice-Off competitions which allows her to share these connections with all of the Lil Fruityz! Wanda not only applies her code of sweetness to juice, but also to every fruit around her. This earns her the title of the “sweetest” fruit around! Wanda Mallon is a very accepting fruit as well, she claims that she can see the sweetness in any fruit. In times of sourness among  the fruits, nothing cheers their taste buds right back to sweet like Wanda’s watermelon mountain squeeze! Born in Fruit-hattan, Wanda is very familiar with big city settings. She understands the success that awaits the Lil’Fruityz as soon as their ready to put their best juice forward! With her sweet drive for accomplishment in the world of juice and in life, Wanda only promotes positivity because she believes that every fruit is way too sweet to be sour!

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Wanda Mallon


Hand made, 3 inch apple scented freshener/toy. Made for ages 4+. Appropriate for backpacks, cars, lockers, gym bags etc. Anywhere watermelon scented goodness is appreciated.

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