Leader, Motivator, Talent Evaluation, Marketing Expert, Customer Service, Flavor Expert

As the C.E.O. of the Lil’Fruityz team, Jason always maintains a clear and concise view of the goals at hand. As a leader of men, he understands the importance of trust, communication, and motivation. He prides himself on achieving perfection in any task, and always remaining calm, cool, and collected. His ability to problem solve and see the big picture, ensures his team is always moving forward, and is maintaining a laser like focus. With business ethics at his forefront, he holds the team to the same standards in their tasks, and approach to situations. The team grasps that he values them, more then he values himself, and puts their needs ahead of his own. He believes that their success, is his success, and they individually know he would do anything for them. Because he truly loves what he does, accompanied with the love he has for his team, he has earned their admiration and respect.


Creator of the Lil’ Fruityz World, Website Content Development, Social Media Content Developer

Nick Cise is the creator of the Lil’Fruityz World. Through his stories, Nick is able to bring you, the audience, into the Lil’Fruityz World as well. Whether it’s an adventure at Citron City, or in school shenanigans at Main Squeeze Elementary, Nick is able to keep the audience interested, engaged, and craving more. His creativity shows with every key stroke as he comes up with names such as Apri-Cops,  fruit-cedes, Citrus/Twist Sourzs, and Main Squeeze Elementary just to name a few. With all of the unexpected twists and turns Nick provides, he always stays true to his core values of delivering a positive story, and a positive message. With Nick’s famous catch-phrase, 100% juice, no excuse, he continues to keep the audience as well as his team laughing and thirsty for more. With his creative writing, care-free attitude, and a firm grasp of who he is , Nick Cise has earned the admiration and respect of his teammates as well as the title of Lil’Fruityz Chief Content Author.


Free Thinker, Big Idea Guy, Graphic Designer, Music Production, Animation Voiceovers, organizational skills, Talent Finder

Pete DeMary is the creative mind behind Lil’Fruityz. His original clay sculptures as well as the idea for a fruit-scented plush toy has inspired everything that the Lil’Fruityz have become. His creativity is not his only asset,  his outside the box way of thinking is complimented by his organizational skills as well as his ability to complete tasks in a timely manner. Pete’s financial background along with his skills in Graphic Design have earned him the admiration and respect of his teammates, as well as the title of Project Manager and Innovator.


Creator of LilFruityz Images, Animation Expert, LilFruityz Short Animations Creator, Website Background Designer, Content Creator for LilFruityz Wall of Fame

Laura Maue is the creator of all things illustrated pertaining to the Lil’Fruityz. Laura was born with a pencil in one hand, and a sketch pad in the other. Her first word was, ” Photoshop.” Though an exaggeration, Laura’s focus is anything but. At a very early age, Laura knew exactly what she wanted to do, create. Whether writing, illustrations, or full length animations, Laura has done everything possible to hone her craft, and it shows. She brings the stories to life by allowing us to see the LilFruityz facial expressions, also how they perceive certain situations, and most importantly, how much they really care for each other. Whether it’s Wanda smiling, Ap’Zal bombing, Bizzy looking cool, or Cit & Twist Sourz supporting each other, we get to see all of those emotions. Laura’s ability to inspire us with every brush stroke, and even make us laugh out loud, Laura has earned the respect and admiration of her teammates as well as the title of Lil’Fruityz Chief Illustrator/Animator.