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Fruitastic ladies and gents, introducing the most musical Lil’Fruityz in the gang, Bizzy Peel, aka, the FRUITASTIC B.I.Z.! It  goes without saying that in the halls of Main Squeeze Elementary, Bizzy is a hip-hop sensation!  Not only is this beat-bobbin Banana lyrically untouchable, he also possesses the gift of music. Any fruit knows that the happier the fruit, the better the juice. Bizzy not only creates greatness, he inspires greatness with his musical and lyrical abilities. Straight out of Fruitzlyn, Bizzy’s culture and upbringing is what gives him his deep roots. Bizzy Peel knows exactly who he is, and exactly where he came from. His culture is always busting out of his peels, and grants him happiness and a will to be the best at whatever he juices!. Growing up with many banana siblings, Bizzy also knows the importance of team work and commitment within a group. As the Peels go, they have one of the largest and most successful families in all of Fruitzlyn. Unity is a large part of the Peel family success, as such, every holiday they all get together to juice, laugh, and listen to music! He has very high hopes in both the music industry and the world of juice. With Bizzy as an anchor for musically sensational success, he offers one of the greatest aspects of each fruits journey, ambition. Despite all things that change within a fruits life, the FRUITASTIC B.I.Z. remains that constant. It is also widely agreed upon through out Main Squeeze Elementary, Bizzy Peel is the real deal!

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Bizzy Peel


Hand made, 3 inch apple scented freshener/toy. Made for ages 4+. Appropriate for backpacks, cars, lockers, gym bags etc. Anywhere banana scented goodness is appreciated.

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