What are the Lil'Fruityz?!?

Lil'Fruityz is a POSITIVE movement in the right direction. We strive towards a BRIGHTER future by connecting like minded individuals to every cause Lil'Fruityz sponsors. Anti-Bullying campaigns, Autism Speaks, Smiles For Margaret, 2 Kids Foundation are just a few of the CAUSES in the Lil'Fruityz World. Our message is simple, do GOOD in this LIFE! Join our family, let Lil'Fruityz sponsor your positive movement, as always, beCAUSE effect CHANGE.

Our apple SMELLS like FRESH apple, Our banana SMELLS like RIPE banana, Our watermelon  SMELLS like SWEET watermelon, our lemon SMELLS like TART lemon, and our orange SMELLS like CANDY orange!

Each Lil'Fruityz comes equipped with a "backpack" clip making each scent mobile. They are perfect for backpacks, lockers, gym bags, cars, pockets, really anywhere they can effectively uplift!

I was first introduced to Lilfruityz by my son, they were catching on like wildfire among his friends. Like many toys, I didn’t really pay attention to it at first but I slowly realized a few things. First, the plushes are high quality with really intense scents. Second, each fruit has its own personality which the kids seem really drawn to. This easily got my son and his friends talking about how much they liked this fruit or that fruit and suddenly eating more fruit was not something I had to shoe horn into the conversation, my son was bringing it up on his own. This was enough for me but I soon learned that Lilfruityz is a business that truly gives back to the community, often setting aside its own interests as a fledgling business just to put a smile on one of the kids’ faces. Lilfruityz, in simplest terms: great product, great fruit, great business, great people.
 Al Jardines
Al Jardines